Custom Card

Your Network, Your Way

Private Label Fleet, Regional Networks, ACH, Consumer & Commercial Prepaid Cards


Now you have the ability to modernize your existing House Accounts or create your own fleet program without joining a National Network. Our system allows you to issue your own fleet cards or even use our Cardless Swipe Mobile App. This system works with all Point of Sales and Site Controller systems, all with no processing or swipe fees.

Regional Networks

Many petroleum marketers are running their own House Fleet program, now you have the ability to form your own Regional Fleet Program with other marketers. This great new program lets you choose who you want to do business with based on volume and traffic flow. All of this can be done with your existing or new cards, with no processing or swipe fees.


Tired of the ever-increasing bank merchant fees? Now you can eliminate those processing fees and create your own debit type program. Consumers receive a discount on fuel for getting on your new ACH program and funds are deducted directly from their checking account, all without going through your existing bank merchant. The nice thing is that these cards can only be used at your location which drives your brand loyalty.

Commercial Prepaid Cards

We all have accounts that for one reason or another are not credit worthy, yet they purchase a good amount of fuel every month. These could be seasonal contractors, foreign companies or businesses that just ran into hard times. Our new Commercial Prepaid Program allows these customers to have the convenience and control as a National Fleet program offers; the difference is you get the money up front. Now these businesses can issue cards to their employees and you get the benefit of repeat business at your locations.

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