Pump/Reader Compatibility

Accepts Multiple Payment Types

Industry Compliance

Fuel Control Terminal


Customer Driven – Marketer Owned




TSC provides extensive compatibility with seamless integration with your existing fuel island equipment so no equipment changes are necessary, saving time and capital dollars.



With the increase in technology comes the need for more complex processing flows. TSC is your solution to meet those needs with highly configurable software interfaces and small form-factor platforms designed to meet the needs of your fuel site footprint.



TSC supports multiple payment types and network hosts including proprietary hosts to allow a wide-ranging acceptance of payments. You decide what card type payments to accept: credit cards, fleet cards, proprietary cards, or any combination you choose.

Technical specifications

The Commercial Fuel Controller (CFC) can interface with all major Island Card Readers, Dispensers (mechanical and electronic), CRINDS, Tank Level Monitors, and other fuel site systems.

Value & performance

The fuel site controller is the foundation to a marketer’s commercial fuel site. The Everest Fuel Controller provides robust processing, remote management, and device alerts to keep your site running seamlessly.


The Site Controller ownership team has a combined total of more than 200 years of industry experience. We understand the marketers’ challenges and provide solutions to optimize their business value.

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